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A new workshop!


Are the weeks and days leading up to your presentations filled with dread, anxiety, and sleepless nights?

It's frustrating when these feelings rob you of the clear thinking, creativity, and confidence you need to create an engaging talk that makes a difference.


Preparation doesn't have to feel so terrible! There is a better way to prepare that will enable you to present with power and ease and enjoy the ride so much more.

Isn't it time for you to leave the stage or Zoom knowing you did your best, you clearly conveyed your points, you connected with your audience, and you made an impression and impact?


Join me!

The details!

SATURDAY, April 9th
10am - 12:30pm PT

on Zoom


Wouldn't it feel better to shift your perspective from "Oh no, they're looking AT me" to "Oh cool, they're looking TO me for guidance"?

During those days & weeks before presenting - are you thinking...

DSC02455_web - Copy.jpg

"I'm so anxious!"
"I hate being the center of attention!"
"I have to memorize this perfectly!"
"Why is this so hard for me?"
"This seems easier for other people."
"Butterflies are doing jujitsu in my abdomen!"
"I sound robotic!"
"I'll just rush to get it over with!"
"I have to get better at this or I'll never get promoted."
"I have to get better at this or I'll never make the impact I want to make." 
"I have to get better at this or I'll never make the kind of money I deserve to make."
"I have to get better at this, but I don't know how."


How would it feel to be  
more at ease and focused

as you prepare and rehearse?

Join me to find out!

It all starts with your preparation.


During this virtual workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • tap into your courage rather than the tormenting what-ifs

  • manage your nerves so you're not distracted by them

  • shift your negative self-talk to encouraging & courageous self-talk

  • focus on serving your audience rather than seeing them as a firing squad

  • create a script or outline that sets you up for success

  • rehearse in a variety of ways so that you can be fully present and ready on the big day

  • ask for feedback so you don't get vague unhelpful responses that leave you more confused and insecure

  • work with your nervous system and mindset so that preparation feels more like an adventure and less like a horror movie!

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, Amanda! I even used a few techniques you shared during my organization-wide presentation (including to members of the
C-Suite). Thank you!!"

- J.M.

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​I love helping innovators and visionaries to speak with power and ease so they can change the rooms or zooms they are in without self-doubt or losing precious sleep.

Through one-on-one coaching and customized corporate workshops, I help these game-changers experience public speaking as an adventure with exciting risks, discoveries, and massive rewards rather than as a horror movie with terror, hiding, and dread.


I have coached a wide variety of individuals who are making waves in their industries - scientists, entrepreneurs, executives, activists, doctors, chefs, lawyers, artists, a top dog trainer, and also a mountaineer who completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam (think Everest, the Poles, and more!)


CLICK HERE to read the rest of my bio!

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