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A seven-week course for innovators and visionaries


Learn how to confidently prepare for your presentation so that instead of being tormented by sleepless nights and self-doubt, your courage grows, your presentation flows, and your audience is hooked and totally engaged.

This is your chance to practice, practice, practice in a group setting and receive feedback in a safe, supportive environment.

Speak with power and ease so you can change the room or zoom you're in!


  • Deeply want to make an impact on the world, but your fears related to public speaking are holding you back?

  • Want to take advantage of exciting career opportunities, but (oh no!) - they require more speaking and visibility?


  • Avoid and run away from speaking opportunities because of negative public speaking experiences in high school, college, or early in your career?


  • Want to spice up your talks, have more fun, and influence your audience more powerfully?


  • Need a safe and encouraging space in which to face your fears and practice?

At different times during my acting career, I struggled with stage fright. Even though I was well-trained and super prepared, had years of performance mileage under my belt, AND got lots of positive feedback from reviewers and the audience - fear made my tummy hurt before I ventured out on stage.

Fear robbed me of my joy.  I was confused and upset and frankly pissed about it. And disappointed in myself. And hard on myself.  This didn't make things better. I became DETERMINED to change, have more ease, and get my joy back.  So...

DSC03008_web - cropped.jpg

Hey! I'm Amanda , who's teaching this course.


Speak Boldly – in simply one word – TRANSFORMATIVE! I had just come off a total bomb of a presentation to a group of international influencers in my field (medicine) and had spent a couple of days beating myself up over it. Amanda’s first class got me out of the hole I had dug and within weeks I can say unreservedly that I feel like a new person. I take more risks, I’m out of my box, and while the jitters still trickle up, I know how to handle them and just feel better equipped. When I get an invitation to speak now I just have just two words – OH GOOD!

-A.P.  a Speak BOLDLY participant

Here's what I got for you!

Speak BOLDLY  



  • a weekly live two-hour virtual class* that:

    •  delves into a specific topic (click HERE to see the topics!)

    • includes time to practice the skills being taught

    • includes feedback from Amanda

  • weekly challenge assignments (creative and fun)

  • a 20-minute Zoom goal-setting session before the course starts (a time to get super clear and committed!)

  • a 20-minute Zoom wrap-up session after the course finishes 

  • a community Facebook group for support and accountability

  • a copy of my book YOUR GUIDE TO PUBLIC SPEAKING to help reinforce all that you are learning in the course

  • an MP3 to guide you as you explore empowering body language choices

  • and a few more surprise goodies!

*Replays of each class will be available to you on the class portal for the entirety of the course. Yay!

a 7-week course


DATES:  Sundays, Oct. 16 - Dec. 4

**No class on 11/27 for the holiday

TIME:  1:00 - 3:00 PM PT


FOR:  18 and older


Limited to 12 participants


How MUCH? 


“Amanda was approachable, relatable, and had a valuable depth of experience and insight. I especially found helpful her advice on finding a confident, grounded mindset through affirmative statements, and identifying intentions and how to tackle nerves.”
          - participant at a recent workshop for Women in Design                               

Registration is now closed, but don't worry! CLICK HERE to join the waitlist and stay posted on the next time it opens up!

PS  These are great skills to develop for work! Some companies reimburse their employees for this kind of training.

During this course you'll learn:

  •  to talk yourself through your nerves and self-doubt

  • how to focus on creating an experience for your audience rather than focusing on yourself

  • how to feel strong and start stro

  • how to comfortably be on-camera 

  • how to tell a story that leaves your audience wanting more

  • how to prepare for Q & As and panels

  • how to let go of filler words like ummmmm

  • how to use your voice powerfully and creatively, without rushing

  • how to choose body language that serves you and your audience

  • how to create a script that works for you

  • to develop a rehearsal process that you can trust

  • how to handle the unexpected

  • how to ask for feedback in a clear way

CONQUER (6).png

A past Speak BOLDLY participant had this to say:

"I took Amanda's 7-week public speaking course and it completely changed my mindset about public speaking.  I came into the course with an intense fear of public speaking- something that hit me only about 8-10 years ago.  I am not a shy or reserved person, but for some reason everytime I had to speak in a meeting or in a larger setting I would feel total panic. Amanda's course focuses a lot on mindset, mindfulness, breath work, feeling present in your body, among many other things.  This allowed me to slowly but surely start to think about public speaking in a different way.  It was no longer this scary abstraction, but instead it was something that was a lot more tangible and just a little less scary.


Since the course ended I have noticed several incremental changes in how I feel about public speaking.  When I am told I have to present, I face it with calmness and focus.  Rather than thinking "oh no!" I think "OK, what can I do to make sure this goes well?".  I also no longer identify as "the person who hates public speaking", instead I think of myself as someone who still doesn't really like it, but can handle it and it's within my control to constantly work on it and improve.  I still get nervous, but I know I have the tools to be successful.


I am so glad I took this course and am grateful for Amanda's sensitivity, thoughtfulness and humor through it all!"

Here's what another Speak BOLDLY participant said:

“Amanda has helped change me for the better. I approached her for a job interview presentation prep. Within a couple of sessions, Amanda helped immensely by pulling stories out of me and guiding me to use them in my presentation. That presentation went well and I moved to the final stage. Although I didn’t get that job, after a few more weeks of her Speak Boldly group course during a very vulnerable time of my life, I landed 2 amazing job offers!


With a mindset shift from Amanda’s coaching, I felt better prepared for my job interviews. I remember an interviewer who I had rambled with last year. This time I had a better connection with this interviewer and felt more present and focused. I have a better relationship with my nerves and I am able to turn my nervous energy into excited energy. I am continuing to work with Amanda as I start my new job and have seen significant improvements in the way I engage in groups and speak up more frequently. I can go on and on. Thank you, Amanda. I am so glad I found you!”


- Product Manager at a HealthTech firm

Let's Break It Down

See what we'll be covering week by week



It's time to break up with the negative thoughts that are tripping you up.  It's time to start to own your power!

Plus practice time and direct feedback!

Learn to be intentional about

your body language. Your

audience will be more engaged

and you'll be more confident!

Plus practice time and direct feedback!

Who exactly are these people? WHO they are will determine WHAT you'll say and HOW you'll say it. 

Plus practice time and direct feedback!


Learn to tell a story that makes your audience forget they

have cellphones. Plus, all the rehearsal tips & tricks you'll need to set yourself up for a win on stage or on Zoom.

Plus practice time and direct feedback!



You'll get a chance to share a section of your own work and receive coaching!

Plus practice time and direct feedback!

WEEK  6:

You got this! This week we'll focus on preparing for Q & As and panels.

Plus practice time and direct feedback!






Our final class! Students will present (YES!) and receive coaching.

Plus celebrating!

Untitled design (75).png

Whether you are on Zoom or in the room, you can feel
at ease and make an impact!

“Amanda Hennessey is a gem.  

 She has a unique approach in her coaching of public speaking skills. It is not the typical “pad and paper/lecture” approach. Instead, she uses her acting background to allow participants to tap into a part of themselves never previously explored. Amanda is a coach…a cheerleader…a role model.  


Thank you, Amanda for your transformational approach to public speaking that helped me learn more about myself than I ever thought possible.”   


—Lori P., Nonprofit Consultant 




I love helping innovators and visionaries to speak with power and ease so they can change the rooms or zooms they are in without self-doubt or losing precious sleep.

Through one-on-one coaching and customized corporate workshops, I help these game-changers experience public speaking as an adventure with exciting risks, discoveries, and massive rewards rather than as a horror movie with terror, hiding, and dread.


I have coached a wide variety of individuals who are making waves in their industries - scientists, entrepreneurs, executives, activists, doctors, chefs, lawyers, artists, a top dog trainer, and also a mountaineer who completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam (think Everest, the Poles, and more!)


CLICK HERE to read the rest of my bio!

My Story


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