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S T O R Y   C O A C H I N G

Do you need help crafting and telling a story about your brand?

Let's work together!

for women who attended the



Two 45-minute online sessions

COST:  $199 

a special offer!

The words, tone, and energy you choose can make all the difference when you are speaking to a prospective client, recording a video, or networking.

During our first session we can:

  • determine your intention

  • understand your audience

  • gather story ideas

  • create an outline

  • address any nerves you're dealing with

During our second session:

  • we'll add any new ideas 

  • we'll edit your outline

  • you'll get on your feet 

  • we'll play with vocal variety

  • and you'll practice so you can enjoy sharing your story from moment to moment!

The details! 

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