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I love to empower people and transform the way they approach and experience public speaking. I want them to have much more fun and ease.


I have coached a wide variety of folks - scientists, entrepreneurs, executives, activists, lawyers, doctors, students, brides, grooms, artists, a mountain climber, and even a top dog trainer.  A number of my clients have appeared on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, and a few can be seen regularly on America's Test Kitchen.


I wrote Your Guide to Public Speaking - Build Your Confidence, Find Your Voice, Inspire Your Audience so I could share all I've learned so far as a coach and performer. You can grab a copy where books are sold - including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I got my start on the East Coast, where I founded

Boston Public Speaking. I love coaching and leading workshops on both coasts.

I  H A V E  A  B A C K G R O U N D  I N  P E R F O R M A N C E

In addition to founding Boston Public Speaking and San Diego Public Speaking, I'm also a co-founder and teacher at Boston Acting Classes. My very talented husband, Art, and I run this together and have a blast. I've also taught acting at the Film/TV Department at Boston University's College of Communication, New York Film Academy and The Huntington Theatre Company. I received my MFA at the Actors Studio Drama School and I've acted in films, plays, and commercials.


I'm a proud member of the North San Diego Business Chamber and the Boston Chamber of Commerce.  I also like to donate my time to organizations that empower women and children.

S O,  W H A T ' S  M Y  S T O R Y?

P.S. For the scoop on how I got started as a public speaking coach, what a typical day looks like in my fun (and sometimes crazy!) career, and what it took for me to finally decide to be my own boss - CLICK HERE!


B E L L  R O C K

S E D O N A , A R I Z O N A


H A V E  I  E V E R  S T R U G G L E D

W I T H   N E R V E S ?

Y E S !   I was very shy as a child. Avoiding drawing attention to myself, I lost myself in my books and art projects. Gradually, I became more extroverted and began to enjoy performing. I loved the experience of making others laugh, the rush of performance and I found the craft of acting fascinating.


However, while in grad school for acting, I started struggling with performance anxiety. I kept thinking that if I received more and more acting training, my confidence would go up and my nerves would calm down. Alas...

Post grad school, I was performing in plays, commercials and films. During the run of one particular new play, things became very uncomfortable for me. At first glance, everything was great! The show opened  - I had a comedic part that was a fantastic fit for me,  wonderful audience response and terrific reviews.

However, every day before the show, I was overcome with stomach pain. Taking antacids didn't ease my distress. I decided that I must have ongoing food poisoning. Yet, my husband was eating the exact same things as me and was perfectly well. Hmmm..


After suffering in agony for much of the run of the play, I finally had to admit to myself, that despite the fact that I had years of training and performing under my belt, I had STAGE FRIGHT.


W H A T ?!?


This terrible feeling of butterflies punching me in the stomach was robbing me of my joy.


I also realized that the process of managing performance anxiety was its own skill set, separate from the acting training I had received.


Determined to face this STRESS head-on,  I read all I could and experimented with various strategies, many of which were immensely helpful.


I am excited to share what I have learned with you, so you won't hate butterflies and will not allow fear to limit you.

S O ,  I  G E T   I T !   I ' V E   B E E N   T H E R E !

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