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Let's get to work!

It's time to enjoy the ride of preparing and presenting, instead of marinating in a sense of impending doom!  

Whether you are brand new to public speaking, avoiding it like crazy, or are experienced and want to step up your game, I can work with you wherever you are in your process.



Let's do this!

Public speaking
is a learnable skill.

Great news, right?

There are three different coaching packages to choose from.

The scope of your goals will determine which package is
the best fit for you. 





How does coaching work?

Coaching sessions are one hour.

Sessions take place over Zoom or in person.

I have access to offices in Carlsbad, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, and Sorrento Valley. 

We can focus on building your skills and confidence.

We can focus on a specific project you're working on.

We can do both!

Let's break this down:
Build Skills


If you are ready to build a foundation of courageous and creative public speaking skills, this kind of coaching is for you!


I'll guide you through a process that will boost your confidence and presence, give you incredibly practical steps for creating memorable content, and teach you how to deliver it so your audience leans forward in their seats  - fully engaged.

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     Together, we focus on:

  • your mindset

  • managing those distracting nerves

  • handling being the center of attention

  • having confident body language

  • letting go of  filler words like "ummm"

  • using vocal variety - no more monotone!

  • analyzing your audience so you know how to speak to them and what stories will move the needle

  • compelling storytelling

  • putting together slides that keep people awake and engaged

  • rehearsing

  • performing

  • and of course, what to do with your hands!


If you have an upcoming public speaking opportunity you want assistance with, this type of coaching is for you! 


You may have an upcoming presentation, panel, keynote, speech, podcast, or video shoot.  

I can give you feedback to help you hone your writing, slides, and performance so you are focused and excited for the big day (instead of wanting to hide under your bed with your iPad and chips).

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Together we can:

  • brainstorm and organize your ideas

  • zero in on how to best serve your specific audience

  • make sure your content flows so that it not only makes sense but also makes your audience want to stay for the ride

  • get your storytelling on point (find the drama, the comedy, and create momentum)

  • review and optimize your slides (so they not only keep people awake, they educate and inspire action)

  • rehearse your content and get it performance-ready

  • get you ready to give your audience a powerful and engaging experience (that leads them wanting to take the action you want them to take!)

"Amanda has an unparalleled ability to reframe a challenging situation to make it feel like an opportunity. Her insight is unique, her sense of humor is delightful, and her wisdom is invaluable."

Amy M.,  Senior Director 

Who do I typically work with?


I've worked with people from a wide variety of industries and roles!
(Which makes my work very interesting!)

Here's a sampling:


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“In addition to teaching me to reframe my mental construct around presenting (which itself was worth the investment), she provided the actual tools to make me better at it.

Being able to apply these tools, and even more importantly THINK about applying these skills in the moment (rather than being distracted by less helpful thoughts), makes me feel like I now have the “secret” to doing this well.” 
Christopher Wilson
Executive Director of Enforcement
Securities and Futures Commission
Hong Kong

"Thanks to Amanda's incredible coaching ahead of a presentation

for the final round of a fellowship competition, I won the fellowship and improved my communication skills in the process.


Amanda's great strength as a coach is that she combines expertise in all aspects of the communication process (voice, body language, visual aids, and pacing) with the ability to work on the message itself. 


I also had a Skype interview for an overseas graduate program and sought Amanda's coaching to prepare. I could not be happier with the result: Amanda helped me acclimate to the "electronic" interview format, taking me through several mock-interviews and providing guidance on how to improve everything from body language to the answers themselves.


By the time of the actual interview, I felt confident and well-prepared. I was admitted to the program and truly have Amanda to thank for helping me to have a strong interview. 


I cannot recommend her more highly!"


Graduate Student, Harvard University


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