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a free mini course!

MASTER the Art of Introducing Yourself

Learn how to confidently introduce yourself - and what you do - with ease, clarity, and personality. Make new connections without rambling or saying "umm" so the people who need your skills and expertise know right away what you're about. 

You never know where that next conversation will lead!
There could be a thrilling job opportunity, a fascinating new client,
a powerful collaborator, or a soon-to-be raving fan just on the other side of "So... what do you do?".

Let's get you ready for that moment, so you don't miss out!


Join me!

CONQUER (3).png

A LIVE virtual 4-day series
May 3-6, 2022 
4pm-5pm PT, daily*

*Friday's 5/6 class will be 2:30pm to 3:30pm

replays of each class will be available

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Led by Amanda Hennessey
Public Speaking Coach & Author

*Attend all 4 days, complete all the assignments,
and you'll be eligible for PRIZES!*

One hour a day. 
Four days.
Life improved.

Goodbye, awkwardness!

Amanda is amazing. She helped shape our presentation's story line; improve wording and flow. Having fun, being yourself, being confident while delivering a speech requires public speaking skills. Amanda is fantastic at teaching those skills!"
- Jennifer Bergantino,
VP Business Development,
ConConn, Inc.


Hello, connection!

This Series is Right for You IF:

When you're in a networking scenario, you...

  • DREAD the inevitable, "So, what do you do?" question 

  • RAMBLE about yourself - you can never figure out how to succinctly describe what you do​​

  • WORRY that your introduction sounds like a pitch instead of a conversation

  • CRUMBLE under the pressure - it feels like everyone is a potential client and it's too stressful!

  • QUIETLY FREAK OUT when a facilitator says "let's go around the circle and introduce ourselves."

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Hitting a little too close to home?

"I took all of your amazing advice and felt 100x more comfortable before and during the speaking panel. I think I did a good job and got a lot of good feedback afterwards. Yahoo!"

- Lauren Jezienicki, Vice President

Meet Your Series

EASY - Get at ease with your
intentions, mindset,
and your audience
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BREEZY - Get in the flow as you brainstorm what to say. We'll address body language too!
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INTRO -  Time to practice and get feedback. Let's make it conversational & lose any "ums".
easy breezy (4).jpg
Q&A with Amanda and more!

There will be assignments
each day to help you craft a memorable and easy breezy intro!

*PLUS, attend all days and complete all the assignments, and you'll be eligible for PRIZES!*

At the end of 4 days you'll:

  • Have much more ease and confidence introducing yourself

  • Have a clear sense of what to say about your work

  • Be able to describe what you do in a memorable way

  • Sit up straight rather than hide when asked to introduce yourself

  • Be ready to make the most of meeting new people!

Let's make it EASY breezy!

See You there! 
- Amanda

Amanda was AMAZING!  She not only gave me helpful tips on how to remember my lines, engage the SXSW audience and effectively sell the product, but she more importantly improved my confidence that I was lacking before she and I met."
                - Janalyn Peppel, Head of Customer Development, Embr Labs

go from this awkwardness ...

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go from this awkwardness ...

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Untitled design (1).jpg

to this!

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions
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